My name is Yuri. I am a bitcoiner and a builder of citadels.

Some Background

The status quo never felt right to me. One day, while on my quest for truth, I stumbled upon bitcoin, and it changed my life forever. Economics and finance had not interested me before. Still, thanks to my newly discovered passion, I learned that financial awareness increased self-awareness dramatically.

As I went deeper into the rabbit hole, I became exposed to surprising and, at times, blood-boiling truths that had been inconceivable to me just a few years earlier. I learned that the world is not what it seems. But then came my most crucial realization—bitcoin fixes this.

Along the way, I had the pleasure of co-founding HoneyBadger, Canada's most reliable network of bitcoin kiosks, and acting as Senior Vice-President at Binary Financial, a premier investment management company. Today, I work with Bitcoin Reserve, a bitcoin financial services firm.

Why I Create Content

I address my content to those who, like myself ten years ago, sense that there is a lot more to this life than the program being forced upon them by peers. There is a mystery in the air, but it is difficult to put the finger on it. One thing is for sure: the desire to break free from the commonly accepted paradigm.

My articles and podcast explore ways to rebuild our civilization, navigate the world of non-traditional finance, achieve intellectual and spiritual independence, and leave a legacy that will last for generations. I am also embarked on a journey to build a real citadel. For short-form thoughts and other things that I find interesting, follow me on Twitter.

Per aspera ad astra.